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We help you position your business for exponential growth that builds a strong customer base for recurring revenue.


What is a sales and marketing strategy?

With every passing day, the world is only becoming more competitive for small and large businesses alike. At Winhall Mill, we don’t feel threatened by the growing competition, but rather see it as an opportunity for growth. We employ consultants from a myriad of industries to have a multifaceted skill set and diverse experience. With this experience and skill set, we can give you a 360-degree analysis of current customers, and devise a plan that outlines how to reach them most profitably. 

A sales and marketing strategy is a comprehensive action plan that enables a business to promote its product or service to potential customers. A well-thought-out sales and marketing strategy helps you target, engage, and convert potential leads into profitable customers for recurring revenue.  

Why choose us for creating a sales and marketing strategy?


At Winhall Mill, we have the skills and the expertise to help you reach your target audience and convert them for long-term profitability. We don’t just hand you a blueprint; our consulting experts walk you through a step-by-step approach that shapes your company’s future profitability. 

Our process



Our experts package your offerings into a highly likable brand that can build tremendous value over time. Without branding, an offering becomes a one-off product unable to create recurring value. We conduct an objective analysis of your current offerings and pair technological tools with proven qualitative and quantitative techniques for distinctive brand features. Within branding, we help clients:

– Create new valuable brands

– Optimize current brand portfolios

– Track the progress of old and new brand portfolios to introduce improvements for future optimization.

Consumer and Shopper Insights

We conduct thorough research into your consumers and their shopping preferences to create a concrete growth plan. We partner with industry experts to understand the attitudes, beliefs, and motivations that drive customers on their buying journey. Then, by utilizing proven tools and techniques, we generate a 360-degree view of your consumers to uncover highly promising areas of growth.

Within this category, we help clients:

– Conduct comprehensive qualitative research into consumer insights.

– Segment current target customers for the strategic understanding of each group.

– Have a clear understanding of customer preferences through conjoint analysis.

– Reveal specific areas from consumer insights to uncover customers’ brand choices.

Customer Experience

We help clients elevate the customer experience through in-depth research into their buying behavior and brand preferences. Our goal is to help you create services and specialized offerings that best fulfill your customer’s shopping experience and as a result drive them to become your loyal, long-term customer.

In this step, we help clients:

– Measure customer experience by conducting customer surveys for feedback.

– Extract valuable insights from the feedback to devise a customer experience strategy.

– Focus on customer experience KPIs including First Response Time, Customer Retention Rate, Customer Satisfaction Score, First Contact Resolution, Average Resolution Time, Cost Per Conversion, Average Conversion Rate, Net Promoter Score, Customer Effort Score, abandoned call rates, and channel performance analysis.

Customer Lifecycle Management

Measuring customer experience is the tip of the iceberg. At this stage, we take what we learn from creating a customer experience strategy to devise an all-inclusive customer lifecycle management plan. The goal of this step is to make sure that you can successfully retain the hard-earned customers. When done right, customer lifecycle management can help you create solid customer interaction strategies that can further strengthen customer experience and loyalty.

In this step, we help clients:

– Create customer lifetime value through analytical insights

– Create and optimize loyalty programs

– Create quantifiable value for the company by eliminating pain points that lead to profit loss. 

Digital Marketing

We employ modern digital marketing innovations, techniques, and tactics to enrich your overall sales and marketing strategy. We believe that in this day and age it is impossible to scale without relying on digital tools. So, we work with the best digital analysts and strategists in the industry to implement the best possible tools for optimization.

In this step, we help clients:

– Integrate proper digital marketing tools to get a more profound look into your overall sales and marketing strategy.

– Harness the power of these digital tools and processes to pinpoint weak performance areas and devise a plan to tackle those areas.

– Optimize your customers’ experience across all communication channels, and where applicable introduce new channels to improve the experience.  

Marketing Return On Investment

The aim of a successful sales and marketing strategy is to produce a substantial ROI. We take ROI a bit too seriously, so at this stage, we implement tools that can help us assure exponential growth that exceeds expectations. In this step, we look into company-wise spending, annual losses, weak areas that could lead to potential losses, and opportunities that could help us improve overall ROI.

Here we help clients:

– Measure expenditure and spending habits

– Measure ROI from different product categories

– Measure spending efficiency

– Implement ROI tools and processes to create a sustainable approach to investment and saving.


To sustain profitability, it is crucial to understand margin management and build superior pricing capabilities that are hard to beat by the competitors. Our consulting experts look into current market trends and consumer spending habits to devise a pricing strategy that further sustains your overall sales and marketing approach.

In this step, we help clients:

– Figure out the true value of different offerings within each market segment to determine the best price.

– Understand the competitive pressures that may impact the profitability and devise pricing strategies.

– Systematically, incorporate tools and processes on an ongoing basis to adjust pricing for the changing trends.

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